Haiti September 2013

Today was our very first day out in the field in Grand Goave, Haiti. Back in 2010, the city was torn by a horrific earthquake. Approximately 90% of the city was ruined because of the catastrophe.

We knew all of the facts about Grand Goave and the earthquake before our arrival. However, witnessing the city firsthand is a completely different experience. Many of the buildings are still in rubble and, the buildings that are up are dilapidated. The sight was simply astonishing.

Because of the state of Grand Goave, our goal has been to demonstrate God’s love to the people there. To do this, we passed out free water filters to local families. When we visited each home, we would explain to the families how to use the water filters. We went through a step-by-step process of how to assemble and use the water filter. The highlight of the demonstration was taking dirt, sticks and gravel and dumping them in the water. Then we would to show how the filter provide clean water despite having dirt, sticks and gravel (and even sometimes wads of hair or black creatures) in it. The people we visited with were absolutely amazed when we would take a sip of the now clean water that came from the dirty water. Honestly, drinking the filtered water was a demonstration of faith after seeing where the water came from!

Thankfully, the water filter demonstration was a perfect segue into sharing our testimony about God’s love. We told each families how we were all dirty with sin but, because of Christ, we can be clean like the filtered water. Having the free water filters available was a great gateway in getting a chance to talk and pray with the people of Grand Goave. Hopefully, everyone will not only remember us for giving away free water filters but will remember the message that God can clean up our “mess” just like the dirty water. —–Shalissa F.


~ by Celebration Missions on September 17, 2013.

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