Christmas in Costa! Celebration OP Team 2013! (Day 1&2)


Greetings from the Celebration OP Team!

What an adventure we’ve had already.

Day #1 – Missed updating last night as we came in late and after in-briefing and gathering ourselves, the incredible amount of luggage (boy are these kids in for a GREAT Christmas!) and settling in….we were all exhausted. We made it to the team house, met our amazing leaders; Chipper, Charles and Alexis! Had a wonderful dinner together and rested up for day #2.

Day #2 – Our team split into two groups. ONE being the super brave team members that wanted to hike the mountain to the cross, stopping along the way to pray, share scripture and connect with the Holy Spirit. Testimonies will no doubt be coming from their individual accounts of the experiences they had during the journey.

The other being the rest of us who went on a prayer walk through the central park of Alajuelita and surrounding areas. We toured the beautiful catholic church, central park, an amazing bakery and Juice cafe, as well as the local supermarket which was a treat for all the team members; experiencing first hand the unique culture of Costa Rica. As we strolled through the city, we stayed in an attitude of prayer over central park and all that God is doing here. There have been so many changes and improvements since past trips. You can truly see how the church, 6:8 Ministries and the various missionaries who travel here to serve are having a remarkable impact on the people and community. It’s beautiful what’s happening here.

Then as we made our way back to the team house, we went in the direction of the “coffee field” so that we could pray over the land there. For those who have followed the  blogs of previous Costa mission trips, you probably already know about the “coffee field”. But for those who do not know. The “coffee field” is just that; a coffee field. 50+ years ago it was a thriving, productive coffee field that represented a “good” thing here in Alajuelita and for the people. So why do we stop and pray over this field, every trip, every time and why is this field SO important to the 6:8 Ministries staff and Celebration Church? Because today, this “coffee field” is FAR from anything positive or profitable or healthy for the people or to this city. It is now a VERY dark and evil place. It is FILLED with lost, broken, defeated, hurting people. Homeless live there, drug addicts/alcoholics go there to sleep it off, prostitutes as young as 12 are recruited and taken there for what I won’t even attempt to describe, but your WORST imagination is correct. Four years ago, that was the darkest, most depressing, most devastating and most heartbreaking experience of my trip. And it still is today. Even with the poverty, and makeshift homes built with any scrap material people can gather…..THE COFFEE FIELD is the worst, for me and many, many others. The horrific things that take place there and the evil that exist in the shadows can be felt so tangibly. Even today as we prayed over the fields yet again, we saw several young boys come walking out. Each team that comes is taken there by 6:8 Ministries to pray over the field. We are BELIEVING that Jesus is going to break the darkness over this land! One day, there will be a way to tear it down, burn it down or whatever is needed and turn it into something beautiful, resourceful and beneficial to the people of Alajuelita and to the broken lives who currently have no other option than to call that darkness their home. Please stand in agreement with the 100’s to 1000’s of missionaries who have touched this land, prayed over this land and are BELIEVING for change. God is greater!

“The Coffee Field”……it’s huge =(

1472889_10202164358664580_1823980526_n 1509154_10202164357784558_2051745694_n

The remainder of our evening will be spent preparing for the children’s Christmas party that’s being held at the church tomorrow.Then we’ll have dinner, a time of worship and chapel…..then off to bed to prepare for day #3!  A HUGE thank you again for all of your giving to make this possible for these children! Pictures to come!!

Until then…..keep us lifted! We love you guys!

Dios te bendiga,

Dena & Team!


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