Israel 2014: Boat Trip of a Lifetime

Here we are on top of Mt. Carmel….can you imagine this…the place where Elijah called downfire in front of 450 Baal prophets. It’s something that is hard to imagine even standing on the mountain and looking around….but it did happen and it is a part of our history…. We arrived here in, Haifa, on Friday with open and willing hearts to do and be whomever God needed us to be.  Or HaCarmel  Ministry is the name of the ministry we are privilaged to be with. It houses a school of ministry as well as serves as a shelter for refugee women, most of them are from Sudan but come from Egypt and other places as well. We viewed a video about the shelter to grasp a better understanding of what the ministry was about and called it a night. On Saturday we celebrated Shabbat…which is the Jewish service that takes place on Saturdays. The “congregation” is next to the ministry house and it is the most beautiful assembly I have ever seen. It is called Carmel Assembly or Kehilat HaCarmel. This service was was the spirit of heaven in one room. The service began with music in Hebrew and both adults and children dancing on the stage and the altar with flags. The sound of the “shofar” sounded randomly throughout the service and it just brought such joy and excitement to the room. This was followed by a timely word about the love of the Father from Colin Mitchell. There was something so special about this service. I wanted to call it the World of Nations..a picture of Heaven because there were people in this congregation from everywhere. There were people from England, Austrailia, America, Sudan, Egypt, Malaysia, Switzerland, Russia….it was such a beautiful picture of what Heaven will be like and the Holy Spirit was so strong and profound in that room.

Today the team assembled to perform tasks for the ministry. We were asked to babysit so the girls from the shelter could go on a trip to the Sea of Galilee for a time of refreshing. We also cleaned the bathrooms, swept the exterior and interior, our leader played chauffeur to the ladies, some of us cooked a grand meal for the children that would come home after school, we grocery shopped and just took care of any need that came up. The best part of this was when the women came home and we found out that many of them had been here for years without having a trip to the Sea of Galilee or anywhere around here it seemed….it was so awesome to be able to help here at the ministry while the moms and girls had a chance to be “girls” and have fun. They were even given a boat ride on the sea, something they did not plan on doing and it was “FREE”! What a huge and unexpected blessing for them!

Lastly, the team stood upon the roof of the Kehilat HaCarmel and we prayed for the nation of Israel as well as it’s neighboring nations that all would come to know Jesus or as they say in Hebrew, “Yeshua”. Such a beautiful close to a beautiful day. So blessed and amazed at what God is doing here…


Laura McElroy


~ by Celebration Missions on May 25, 2014.

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