Sisterhood Ireland Team 2014 – Home Away From Home



Sunday morning at Celebration Church.  In Northern Ireland.

Just a wee bit different.

Different location, same heart.
Different people, same love
Different accent, same message.

It felt a lot like lot home.

We had the privilege today of serving in the house of the Lord.  Our team arrived early and worked in conjunction with the incredible volunteer staff here at CCNI.  The set-up routine they have in place is quick and efficient,  but we were able to pitch in and the  gymnasium was quickly and methodically transformed into a sanctuary.

There are members of our Sisterhood team that remember the days when WE were meeting at a similar room on the campus of UNF.  The act of setting up and taking down a mobile church each week is a powerful team builder.  The topography may change, but  foundation remains .

It is also a reminder that the church is not a structure; it’s the people.

And these people are  wonderful!  The smiles, the hugs, the handshakes.  We were met with such genuine affection as we greeted them at the door, answered their questions, pointed them to the sanctuary and took care of their children. Just like every Sunday.

It felt like home.

Maybe because it is;  home is where the heart is.

And God is the heart of this church.



~ by Celebration Missions on June 23, 2014.

One Response to “Sisterhood Ireland Team 2014 – Home Away From Home”

  1. And we enjoyed having you help us serve ….We are at home when we are all together serving for our God

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