Sisterhood Ireland Team 2014 – Sisterhood Night CCNI

Sisterhood is not what we do.  Sisterhood is who we are.

With a heart to see this central value infused into the DNA of Sisterhood in Craigavon, our missions team woke up last Thursday morning (6/18) eager to pull alongside the Sisterhood leadership team of CCNI to support the execution of their fourth Sisterhood Night.  If there is anything that can be said of Celebration Church, it’s that we are experts at creating EXPERIENCE.  We know how to pull off great events.  We have learned how to confer value on visitors and members from the moment they put their feet on the pavement of our parking lot until they tuck them back into their cars at the end of service.  Every vivid color of loving preparation that is poured onto the canvas of a special event is about making people feel loved, welcomed, and valued.  And the CCNI Sisterhood leadership team has learned that lesson well.

Our team gathered at the team house on Thursday morning to begin preparations for Sisterhood Night. That meant stuffing goodie bags with an array of items designed to whisper to each women who would come:  You are loved.  You are welcomed.  You were prepared for.  There were candies, pens, notepads, IAMSISTERHOOD bracelets, and so much more.  We then packed up all our goodies and headed to “The Hub.”

Working shoulder to shoulder with the CCNI girls, #TeamSisterhood unloaded and set up sanctuary chairs, stocked vendor tables, arranged decor, prepared sweet treats in the kitchen, and “prayed without ceasing” for the women who would be coming to get a taste of what abundant, God-first womanhood looks like. We were focused.  We were expectant.

And then the women came.

They were warmly greeted from parking lot to entry way and treated to a girlish feast for the eyes and palate.  Jewelry vendors, massages, manicures, a photo booth, and a “sweeties” bar were lovingly placed along the foyer walls.   Why do we do this? Because women love pretty things and want to be pampered? That’s the easy part.  But when Jesus encountered the woman at the well, he gave us a powerful example of ministry to women.  Before he spoke to the spiritual state of the Samaritan woman, he addressed the most prevailing need in the heart of any woman – to be seen.  And Jesus saw her, really saw her.  At Sisterhood, we know that a woman who feels invisible in the room will see and hear everything through a filter of rejection. But if she is seen, cared for, welcomed, and valued, she will drop that filter and listen–really listen–to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  All those seemingly insignificant little details can make tender the heart of a woman who desperately needs to encounter God.

Beautiful worship pushes the doors of the heart open even wider–the perfect soil into which a message of identity and value can be sown. On this night, the women of Craigavon were ministered to by Pastor Rachel Scott, who spoke from her heart about walking in authenticity, without fear.  Teaching from Proverbs 31, she addressed the issue of worth and the challenges that keep women from understanding their true value in God.

Warmed by this message of authentic womanhood, each woman left the sanctuary to be embraced yet again by the fellowship of Sisterhood and a beautiful tea party.  Each woman left with full hands and an even fuller heart, and all were eager to see Sisterhood become something more than a once-a-year event.

#TeamSisterhood wrapped arms around these women, conveying with and without words that Sisterhood is not something we do.

Sisterhood is who we are.

-Lea Sims

OP Sisterhood Team prepping bags for Sisterhood Night.

OP Sisterhood Team prepping bags for Sisterhood Night.










Photo booth wall.










Prov 31 themed “Sweeties” Bar.














Cupcakes (called “buns” in Ireland.














Goodie bags filled and delivered with love.










Fun and games “Minute to Win It” style.










Pastor Rachel bringing a beautiful word on authentic womanhood.


~ by Celebration Missions on June 27, 2014.

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