Celebration Tech Arts – Technical School & Orphanage

Today we visited a private technical school in one of the neighboring areas. This school had kids from 7th grade all the way to 10th grade. We went to the technical school to help the kids learn English, play some games, and show God’s love. The girls from the Celebration team took some of the girls inside to get to know them and paint their nails. The remaining kids hung out outside and got to know the rest of the team. One of the games we played involved splitting the class into four groups. Each group chose a bible story to silently act out and the rest of the class had to guess which story it was in English. Our team member, Reggie, also had the chance to talk about how everyone is unique and made special by God. We did this through an activity where the students put their finger print on a piece of paper and wrote what they think makes them unique. All of the students did very well with speaking and understanding English. It was cool to help them learn English because in Costa Rica, having this skill opens doors for better job opportunities and a brighter future.

In the afternoon we had the chance to go to a local orphanage. There are about 30 kids that live there with three nuns and a few nurses. The kids there are all disabled whether it was due to abuse, neglect, or the inability for the parents to take care of the child. Despite everything they go through, they were all super sweet, full of life, and loved to laugh and play. Our team was thrilled to have this opportunity to go in there to lend a helping hand and love on these kids. Even though it was difficult to see what some of these kids have to go through every day with their health and bodies, it was nice to be able to play with them and help them laugh for a couple hours. it was truly an amazing experience.

– Jessica and Nikki


~ by Celebration Missions on July 22, 2014.

One Response to “Celebration Tech Arts – Technical School & Orphanage”

  1. Hello to all!! The blogs are great! Nice to read how the different folks send home the highlights of the day! I really have enjoyed each one and look forward to today’s!!! Keep up the excellent task of sharing God’s word and showing God’s love thru yourselves. I get the chills reading the encounters and know this is just a tidbit of what you all are doing! I continue to pray for you all and your hosts. Have another God awesome day! Cindy

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