Celebration Tech Arts – Verbana & Juan Pablo Barrios

Today was a day filled with loving on the next generation and camaraderie is building among team members as a byproduct. The people of Alajuelita are nice and friendly no matter what area of town we visited. Alajuelita is one of the poorest districts in Costa Rica and were able to walk to two barrios where 6:8 ministries has a deep and fond relationship with.

One of these barrios is Verbana, a terribly poor area where the inhabitants have next to nothing. We were able to bring joy to the hearts of the children by simply being there. The team played soccer with the children, painted the nails of some of the children, and even played in the frame of what was a house. The children were active and rambunctious while the parents peeked their heads out from time to time to see us all in action. Each and every team member was active with the children in some capacity. The children were sad to see us go because they wouldn’t have anyone or any means to have fun. We brought the soccer ball, jump ropes, etc.

Prayer walks have been a daily activity while on the trip. Our team visited a house of a boy who lost the majority of his family in tragic ways. We also prayed for a mother of three boys who needs a lot of help with her three VERY active children.

In the afternoon, we visited Juan Pablo barrio, another poor barrio in Alajuelita. Not only did we play with younger children, but teenagers as well. Juan Pablo barrio has a lot of substance abuse that affects the children and teens in ways that affect them in the long run. We were able to share love with these children and let them know that they matter in the amount of time that we were there.

We’re excited to see what God is going to do in us and through us in the days to come.

– Reggie




~ by Celebration Missions on July 22, 2014.

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