A21 Greece Sisterhood Trip – “In Her Shoes” in Bulgaria


We have learned so much as a team since we arrived. The journey began with education about human trafficking and about the specifics of the A21 Campaign. Friday we ventured deeper into the darkness to gain a different perspective… One of walking in the shoes of a potential victim. In the morning, we traveled a short distance away and crossed the border into Bulgaria. Of all the victims rescued by the A21 Greece team, 40% have been from Bulgaria. So this was a day to learn why these girls were so at risk. There are many small villages within the country that are rather run down. The communities function on growing their own produce, and some of the men have jobs in the city (a little ways outside of the village). As you can see from the picture, while there are homes that are falling apart, they still have a satellite dish. So these young girls have access to western culture, see the lives of famous people on TV or come to know that there is a different world out there … Only to look around at their home, village and their limited futures. So these girls fall easy prey to traffickers who come along and offer them a better life just a short drive across the Greek border. Education and prevention is key! … Friday evening was a unique experience. We traveled with the team through the Red Light District in Greece to see how wide spread the issue really is here. Sadly, there has been a drastic influx in the number of brothels in the area since A21 landed on the ground. Since prostitution is legal here, there is a fine line that the team must walk to battle the injustice of slavery. Difficult yes, impossible no! For all things are possible with God. Please join us in praying for the amazing A21 team in Greece. They are doing great work here! …. And that’s the end of my blog. ~ Lindsey Hill


~ by Celebration Missions on August 30, 2014.

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