Sisterhood Northern Ireland 2015 – Day 1

This is the first blog entry for the Sisterhood missions team on our trip to Celebration Northern Ireland.  We are spending 8 days in Craigavon to support the Sisterhood event being planned for this weekend and bring the heart and values of Sisterhood to the outreach opportunities being planned for us this week.  We left Jacksonville on June 16, 2015, full of anticipation.

As we began our journey yesterday in the Jacksonville airport, Lea kicked us off with a devotional about taking up our cross and dying to our flesh.  One of her points was to crucify our need to control.  Your willingness to control can not be based on circumstances.  Soon after we finished our devo, our flight was delayed and gave us our first chance to relinquish our control over to God.  Knowing that He ordained our footsteps to be on this trip, we knew we needed to fully trust in Him to get us there no matter how long it takes.  As we continued to have delays, our trust was continuing to be tested.

IMG_6355Tonight we went on an outreach to clean up litter and go into the neighborhoods where the young teenagers hang out.  When we got to the park, there were a group of teenagers gathered along the perimeter of the woods, where a lot of the youth come to drink, smoke, and hang out together.  As we approached the group, they quickly dispersed, wanting nothing to do with us.  We began to play music, sing, dance, and laugh.  No matter what we did, how fun we made it, and how much we tried to entice them, we had to trust in God that He would do the next step.  We couldn’t control how they would react to us.

Slowly they began to emerge from their hiding places, 2 or 3 at a time.  They began to allow us to start conversations with them.  Even though our time with them was short, we learned that God will use every opportunity He can to speak to these IMG_6422young kids, including the short time we had with them.  We can trust Him in knowing that we did our part in what He needed at that moment.  We may never see the fruit from the seeds that may have been planted tonight, but we can rest assured that God is in control and when the time is right, we will welcome a new brother or sister into our family.

– Krista Anello, 2015 Sisterhood Missions Team


~ by Celebration Missions on June 18, 2015.

One Response to “Sisterhood Northern Ireland 2015 – Day 1”

  1. You prayed about giving up control, and then you had to ? Of course you did!! God will always honor your request for growth and pruning! But what I love about God is that He is so faithful in the small things, you KNOW He will come through in the big ones! I mean, a God who will replace an earring can certainly be trusted to get you to your mission field. And then what a way to end your first day…being a light to draw others out of the darkness. So proud of this team!! Lifting you all daily.

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