Sisterhood Northern Ireland – Day 2

After a wonderful lunch at the local’s favorite cafe, we headed to the streets for a prayer walk.  We entered a tunnel where the local teenagers hang out.  The whole inside is covered in graffiti.  As you walk through, you can feel the despair, the heart ache, and the hopelessness.  Over the top of all the graffiti are words of encouragement written by other missions teams and by people from the church here.  We had a chance to write some words of our own and pray over the area.  That was so powerful to be a part of and be able to write words of hope, love, and value that may impact someone’s life one day.  God entrusted us with an opportunity to sow these seeds and to speak life into someone.

IMG_6465The teenagers here are looking for an identity.  Whether they find their identity in labels placed on them by themselves or others, circumstances, or from their past, they will pick up an identity and continue to live according to that identity.  We want to break this cycle of defining ourselves with the wrong identity and help everyone at every stage of life find their true identity in Christ.  We want their identity to be found in Christ and not in their circumstances.IMG_6459

Identity is a value of Sisterhood and another way we were able to instill this value today was by preparing things for the Sisterhood event this weekend.  We want to make every women feel loved, valued, and appreciated from the moment she walks in the door at the Hub.  We want her to find her identity in Christ and be able to walk it out.

Another value of Sisterhood in value.  We confer value on women at every stage of life.  We were able to confer that value with the words we wrote on thIMG_6590e walls and with every small preparation for Sisterhood this week.

~ Krista Anello, 2015 Sisterhood Ireland Missions Team



~ by Celebration Missions on June 19, 2015.

One Response to “Sisterhood Northern Ireland – Day 2”

  1. Great job on the pictures, Amber!! And the ones you’ve chosen here for your blog Krista really show the full gamut of how you guys are impacting everyone there—from battling the despair of the teenagers to bringing beauty and hope of the women of CCNI. Praying for you guys constantly, and really excited about the word that Lea has for the women tonight. Hugs to all of you!!

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