Sisterhood Northern Ireland 2015 – Day 3 & 4

We are already in day three of ouIMG_6816r trip.  The days are flying by as we stayed busy with preparing for our Sisterhood weekend event.  Our team came to support the Sisterhood Leadership team here at CCNI – lending our hands and hearts to whatever was needed. Every year, this team brings such a lift to the house and the church.  The CCNI ladies know how to do Sisterhood.  They had everything planned and prepared down to the smallest detail.  We were able to come along side them with support, encouragement, and a heart to serve.  The amount of love these leaders show truly makes the women know and understand their value.

This was the first year CCNI has had a two-day Sisterhood event.  The last few weeks they have been going through the Sisterhood Effect series.  These two days we continued that series, and it is not only effecting the women in Florida but the women at CCNI.  IMG_6799

Friday night we opened the event with Lea Sims giving a message on identity.  She explained how different circumstances in our lives cause us to pick up lenses like rejection, anger, and fear and begin to view life through these lenses.  When we carry these lenses around, it makes it difficult to have relationships. They change our perception and make our vision blurry.  God is asking us to lay them down and trust Him enough to make us whole through our obedience.  May times it is hard for us to obey and allow God to have full control in our lives.  But God paid the ultimate price for us and, in turn, we should trust Him a little more.  After the message, Lea had an altar call.  The prayer team went to the front to pray for anyone who wanted to step into God’s loving arms and lay their lenses at His feet.  This was the first time the prayer team went to the front for an altar call and the response for this call was remarkable.  We had the privilege of praying with 15 women who decided to take God at His word and trust Him by laying down the lenses they have carried with them far too long.

Today we startIMG_6963ed the day with the smell of hot scones, tea and coffee as we prepared to serve the ladies waiting with anticipation for day 2 of Sisterhood.

Pastor Rachel opened the day by focusing on our third Sisterhood – impact.  She hosted four women, including Dawnyale Wolfe from the Jacksonville team, on a panel about how we can impact others with our testimonies, time, treasure, talents, and trials.  Lea covered the fourth Sisterhood value on relationships by talking about how all women in the House of God need to have reach-up, reach-back, and reach-out relationships in their world, stressing the importance of having close, girding, and lantern-baring relationships that sustain them on their journey of faith.IMG_7019

But the highlight of the day was when Telia Goudeau, a young woman from Louisiana who is now serving on the CCNI staff, shared her powerful testimony of redemption, one that impacted every woman in the room.  Her journey from abandonment, brokenness, and abuse to a triumphant and powerful walk with God was inspirational and brought many women to the prayer room after the service was over who were seeking support to walk out of rejection and fear and into a life of purpose.

After cleaning up, packing all of the beautiful decor, and helping the Sisterhood team wrap up the event, we came back to the CCNI team house to do something else we love to do — serve other women by taking care of their children.  We hosted a Parent’s Night Out, and spent some amazing time with some future kingdom builders.

Tired, but fulfilled, we spent the evening in fellowship, devotion, and thanksgiving for an incredible day.

~Krista AnelloIMG_7106, 2015 Sisterhood Ireland Missions Team


~ by Celebration Missions on June 20, 2015.

One Response to “Sisterhood Northern Ireland 2015 – Day 3 & 4”

  1. Oh my gosh, Krista! What a beautiful description–I felt as if I were right there with you guys!! What a remarkable success the event was! I knew Lea would give a powerful message, but 15 women–in that room–is just amazing!! God is definitely moving the women of CCNI! Thank you guys for what you are doing. And thank you for taking the time to share your journey–I know how busy you are, and how little sleep you are getting. These updates are precious. Love you all, and lifting you as well.

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