Sisterhood Northern Ireland 2015 – Day 5

We had another wonderful time serving the House of God today for Sunday services.  CCNI is still a mobile church and a lot has to go into each week to make a service a success.  Every week the CCNI team sets up the Hub to make the atmosphere welcoming.  Setting up a stage, rolling out chairs, preparing the children’s classrooms, and making the environment welcoming are just a few things that are going on to prepare for services.  From the moment you step into the Hub, it feels like home.  It feels like an other Celebration Church campus you would attend in the states.  CCNI has done an amazing job capturing the vision of our mission statement as a whole, Leading people to lead a God-First Life. 

IMG_7356Our team split up today to bring extra hands in the set up process.  If you have never been a part of a mobile church, this experience gives you just a glimpse at the sacrifice and dedication the volunteers here at CCNI have.  As some of us served in children’s ministry and some served tea and coffee, we watched as the people greatly appreciated all the effort that went into it.

We came back for the evening service to help Kate Richardson and Rachel Croizer with Holiday Bible Club, which is known as Vacation Bible School in the states.  IMG_7541This is the first year CCNI has done Holiday Bible Club.  It is amazing to watch how much the kids want to learn about Jesus.  Holiday Bible Club makes church fun and exciting and draws the kids into the life of the church in a different way than a normal Sunday service.  As we pretended to go on an adventure in the jungle, we listened to music of sounds you might hear.  We walked around the room and had to tune into different sounds the jungle music was making.  First we heard frogs, then rain.  Next we heard some birds and lions.  But if we didn’t have previous knowledge of what those sounds were, we would not have been able to distinguish all the different sounds.  That is a lot like our walk with Christ. If IMG_7604we are not intentional in spending time with God, reading His word, and listening to what He wants to say, we will never be able to distinguish His voice.  Our world can quickly became bogged down by busyness, work, children, etc, that if we don’t intentionally spend time with God, His voice will just become another noise in the mix of life.

~Krista Anello, 2015 Sisterhood Ireland Team


~ by Celebration Missions on June 21, 2015.

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