A21 Greece Sisterhood Trip- We have arrived!!!!

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A21Our journey to Greece has been great. We were greeted with huge smiles and incredible warmth by Melissa, Nina, and Callie of the A21 staff. After checking in to our hotel, we enjoyed an authentic Greek dinner with our Florida crew and some of the A21 interns and staff. The conversations and fellowship that centered around our mission’s trip was both engaging and compelling. Personally, my journey to answer the call of making this trip was challenging, yet I knew this was completely in God’s will. This was confirmed again during dinner and intimate conversation with three of the interns who described their time ministering to the girls who were rescued. As my eyes began to fill with tears when they explained the practical programs they facilitate to the girls, I began to understand what they meant by love has no limit to language barriers. Through simple demonstrations of practical daily tasks such as cooking, exercise, and swimming, these girls can feel the passion and genuine love being displayed. I’m convinced that this trip will be life-changing for me and my team.
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Celebration Technical Arts: He woke within us!

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Our mission today was filled with overcoming challenges, breaking barriers and just loving on others. We climbed a mountain though the journey was physically and mentally challenging our team kept pushing on. Nothing was going to stop us from finishing the task ahead of us. When we made it to to top we praised God for all his glory and grace because in life all you truly need is faith in Christ and all things will be given to you. We teared though the veil of darkness with the light of love here in Costa Rica, with his endless grace God will save the people here in Alajuelita. His love is relentless and he will break the chains that hold them down.

Our six days here were filled with a lot of unknown and some of us were worried, but when we called for guidance God kept our eyes on the mission and impact he is making here in Costa Rica will never be forgotten. Though it will take time something amazing will happen. Our team really grew this week we have a better understanding of what God’s grace can accomplish and when you keep your eyes on God and do everything in love and obey his commands amazing acts can be done. He made us brave this week, we took on every challenge and accomplished the mission put before us.
We saw how when you just love all things are possible. God woke within the people that were touched during this trip. Our team saw the pain and destruction that happens when no love is given. We learned that his love will never fade away, God’s love is here to stay and he is always by your side and will shine every day.

All things are possible through Christ! 



Celebration Tech Arts – Team Building

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photoWhile in Costa Rica, God has given me the opportunity to help train a local audio technician and resolve a technical issue that our church Celebration was having. The pastor and audio technician were experiencing issues hearing the pre-service music, because it was only coming out of one speaker. I helped troubleshoot and resolve this issue by allowing them to have both speakers being heard in stereo rather than one in mono.

The opportunity to pour into the life of someone else gave me great joy. It allowed me to apply what I have learned from Celebration Tech Arts to another member of the audio team in Celebration Costa Rica, so they can grow the kingdom of God.

God has given me the ability to speak Spanish and English, which has been a great tool, allowing us to break the cultural barrier. Being bilingual helps to build bridges of communication between two different worlds. This also allows the team to minister to the locals by fully engaging them.

By God placing me on this team as the communicator to the locals, we are making a big impact on the community. I feel blessed that God has called me here to Costa Rica through 6:8 ministries to help me grow and learn a lot about myself.


Celebration Tech Arts – Technical School & Orphanage

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Today we visited a private technical school in one of the neighboring areas. This school had kids from 7th grade all the way to 10th grade. We went to the technical school to help the kids learn English, play some games, and show God’s love. The girls from the Celebration team took some of the girls inside to get to know them and paint their nails. The remaining kids hung out outside and got to know the rest of the team. One of the games we played involved splitting the class into four groups. Each group chose a bible story to silently act out and the rest of the class had to guess which story it was in English. Our team member, Reggie, also had the chance to talk about how everyone is unique and made special by God. We did this through an activity where the students put their finger print on a piece of paper and wrote what they think makes them unique. All of the students did very well with speaking and understanding English. It was cool to help them learn English because in Costa Rica, having this skill opens doors for better job opportunities and a brighter future.

In the afternoon we had the chance to go to a local orphanage. There are about 30 kids that live there with three nuns and a few nurses. The kids there are all disabled whether it was due to abuse, neglect, or the inability for the parents to take care of the child. Despite everything they go through, they were all super sweet, full of life, and loved to laugh and play. Our team was thrilled to have this opportunity to go in there to lend a helping hand and love on these kids. Even though it was difficult to see what some of these kids have to go through every day with their health and bodies, it was nice to be able to play with them and help them laugh for a couple hours. it was truly an amazing experience.

– Jessica and Nikki

Celebration Tech Arts – Verbana & Juan Pablo Barrios

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Today was a day filled with loving on the next generation and camaraderie is building among team members as a byproduct. The people of Alajuelita are nice and friendly no matter what area of town we visited. Alajuelita is one of the poorest districts in Costa Rica and were able to walk to two barrios where 6:8 ministries has a deep and fond relationship with.

One of these barrios is Verbana, a terribly poor area where the inhabitants have next to nothing. We were able to bring joy to the hearts of the children by simply being there. The team played soccer with the children, painted the nails of some of the children, and even played in the frame of what was a house. The children were active and rambunctious while the parents peeked their heads out from time to time to see us all in action. Each and every team member was active with the children in some capacity. The children were sad to see us go because they wouldn’t have anyone or any means to have fun. We brought the soccer ball, jump ropes, etc.

Prayer walks have been a daily activity while on the trip. Our team visited a house of a boy who lost the majority of his family in tragic ways. We also prayed for a mother of three boys who needs a lot of help with her three VERY active children.

In the afternoon, we visited Juan Pablo barrio, another poor barrio in Alajuelita. Not only did we play with younger children, but teenagers as well. Juan Pablo barrio has a lot of substance abuse that affects the children and teens in ways that affect them in the long run. We were able to share love with these children and let them know that they matter in the amount of time that we were there.

We’re excited to see what God is going to do in us and through us in the days to come.

– Reggie



Celebration Tech Arts Upon Arrival…..

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Celebration Tech Arts team arrived in Costa Rica and hit the ground running.  We were able to get settled in the 6:8 Ministries Team House and go on a prayer walk around Alajuelita.  Our team was able to go to a place called “cafetal” this was an old abandoned coffee field.  This was a place of horrible evil and primarily used by drug addicts to get high, and for prostitutes and children as young as 12 yrs old would be used for sex trafficking  to trade for drugs and money.  6:8 Ministries started 9 years ago having teams pray over this area and ask that God would destroy the oppression, darkness and evil  and build this land  into something beautiful.  After over 100 teams and thousands of people praying over this land God has opened a door for a builder to come in and develop a neighborhood for families.  We were able to go on the property today and Pray over this land.  The picture does not begin to show the power of this place.  God has definitely blessed this land and answered the cries and hearts of the people.  God is continuing to do amazing things here in the City of Alajuelita.costa pic

2014 Costa Rica July Missions Trip – Last Meeting!

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Our team had our final meeting on Sunday, July 6, 2014 before we hit the ground on Thursday.  We arrived in San Jose on July 10th and took a bus to Alejuelita to the 6:8 ministries.

Today is day #2 –

Today was a God awesome day!  Today we walked to a community center in Juan Pablo to minister to the local children.  It was a blessing to be able to jumrope, color and paint their nails while they laughed and played. They really touched our hearts in so many ways.

After an amazing lunch, we were awarded the opportunity in caring and feeding the children of a special needs ophanage.  Some of the children were innocent victims of abuse and neglect, or were born with a disability. During the two hours of being there, we were able hold the babies and love on all the children regardless of how they got there


We entered our day praising and worshipping God at the chapel in the missionary house which was filled with his awesome presence!!